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Mid-Ohio Valley

Multi-Cultural Festival

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Bahai Religion
Family Crisis Intervention Center
First Security, Inc.: 
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Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action:
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Peace Corps
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Knitters on Saturday (1-4),O'reilly's (Friday 6-10)
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WV Hemp Farmer’s Cooperation

Ana Johnson: Handbags, placemats, home décor
Art in Stones Jewelry: Handmade natural gemstone jewelry
Bahama Bill's: Tiki bar decorations, pool and man cave décor, hand-painted signs, carvings
Beanie: Handmade jewelry, polished stones
Boxwood Cupboard: Incense, oils, jewelry, hand-wrapped stones, capes, hats, costumes, tarot card reading
Buffalo Creek Primitives: Primitive home décor
Casa Blanca: Musical Instruments
Celt Wares: Irish, Scottish, and Welsh gifts, silver, pewter, steel jewelry, tweed caps, kilt accessories
Consoleah Collectibles: Spoon and coin jewelry, items designed from vintage forks, spoons, etc., insulator night lights
Crochet Products by Lily: Crocheted hats, etc. shea butter and soaps, and jewelry
Dina Colada: Face painting and henna
Faerie Nonsense: handmade crafts, wearable bits of Whimsey, art, wings, flower crowns, baubles, perfect fish designs and crochet dolls
Fossil Jewels & More: Various fossils, recycled, hand-painted lighted bottles, handmade jewelry
Hawthorn: Sage, sage wands, jewelry, tarot readings
Hold On LLC: Rock wall, gemstone mine
Hypnotic Hysteria: Vintage silks from India, boho crossover bags, novelty light-up items
In a Jam!: Locally made jams, jellies, and preserves
Jam Dye Tie Dye: Tie-dyed infant wear, children’s wear, adult wear, and accessories
Johnny Conejo: Dresses, blouses, jewelry, handbags, ponchos
Ki No Kaze Bonsai Club: Bonsai plants, bonsai pots and books, t-shirts, caps
M. Williams:  Marionettes
Maria Salazar: Embroidered sweaters, bags, blouses, dream catchers, dresses, shirts, Indian pictures, jewelry
Marianne Lance: Flexible hair clips, bobby pins, and hairbands
Mediterranean Gift Shop: Handmade leather purses, Mediterranean jewelry, cedar wood boxes, hand-crafted flutes
Mystical Crystals: Crystals, minerals, wire-wrapped jewelry

Opio Atiba: Handmade crafts
Peru Crafts: Ceramic & reed flutes, dolls, handmade jewelry, cloth purses
Ridge Walker Crafts: Pottery
Silver Linings: All natural henna tattoos, fair trade cultural items, henna decorated gifts/décor, cultural clothing & accessories
Sole Healing, OV Herbal Products, Illumination Creations: Relaxation-massage & reflexology, herbal skin care products, glitter tattoos
T&J Leather: Handmade leather belts, wallets

​​2016 Crafters & Vendors

​​2016 Information Booths

Completion of this form is an application for consideration. The information will be sent to our vendor coordinator, Rick Rubin. If your participation is approved you will be contacted. 

Vendor Information

The festival is always looking for arts and crafts vendors with international fare and diverse cultural offerings to participate. More consideration will be given to crafters selling hand-made, unique, or unusual items. Participating vendors are required to commit to staying through the entirety of the festival. Thank you for your interest in the Mid-Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival! 
If you are interested in being a participating vendor, submit the vendor application or contact Rick Rubin for information. 
Phone: 304-482-7790
Email: rgrmci5@aol.com 

vendor Application