​​Come to the City Park and take a trip around the world!

Mid-Ohio Valley

Multi-Cultural Festival

This was the 2016 schedule. Our next festival schedule will be updated as we get closer to the 2017 date.

Professor Bubblemaker, played by John Gradwohl, Jr., will bring back the memory of days gone by taking audiences into his fun and educational world of soap bubbles. John's bubbling career started by accident. He wanted to perform bubbles as part of a stand up comedy routine. As he learned more about bubbling he began to practice and before long the stand up comedy went by the wayside and a new bubble show was born. All of his shows are motivating, silly and above all else, FUN! He hopes that audiences will walk away not only feeling entertained, but also motivated to go out and do whatever it is that is inside of them no matter how "silly" they think it is. ​The wonder of bubbles take us all back to a day before distractions of modern technology. A time when one could relax and just watch the bubbles floating by. He can be seen on the Main Stage at 2:15pm on Saturday, June 18th and theArts in Motion Stage on Friday, June 17th from 6 - 8pm and Saturday, June 20th at 7:45pm.

Strolling the festival grounds from 6-9pm Fri. and 12:15-9 pm Sat.

 Thousands of people have laughed with his humor and been amazed by his magic for over two decades. Steve entertains with magic that is quite literally in his hands and more often than not, in your hands as well. His magic happens literally inches away from your eyes, everyone watching will have the opportunity to share in this unique and intimate experience. Steve performs with warmth and humour, captivating his audiences and leaving them totally spellbound with his mysteries. Steve Performs the Mid Ohio Valley, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois and Tennessee. Steve was also asked to perform in England, France Canada and Australia. He can be seen for a sit down performance, Saturday, June 18th, 11:15am on the Arts in Motion Stage

These artists will be seen at various times on festival grounds.

They bring the performance to you.  

You can find more information about the entertainers by clicking their names and visiting their websites.  

2016 Strolling Artists