​​Come to the City Park and take a trip around the world!

Mid-Ohio Valley

Multi-Cultural Festival

Time: Sunday, June 19th, 5:00pm

Jerry and Lisa Queen enjoy performing the classic sounds of country, oldies, and gospel music. They also incorporate comedy, along with their musical performances, so that the audience has a great variety of entertainment. They love to get the audience to interact with them and enjoy being a part of the event.

elegant excesses of 1920’s jazz with the unpredictably of pure punk rock, what results is not just a show -- it is an experience.

State Department and/or the American Music Abroad Program to serve as musical ambassadors in the following countries: Haiti and the Dominican Republic (2014); Belize, Panama, Mexico, Barbados, Colombia, and Tajikistan (2015).

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 11:45am
For the past 25 years, Mick Souter has distinguished himself as one of West Virginia's most highly-regarded, widely-touring performing artists. Souter has made thousands of appearances in theaters, state parks, schools, festivals and other venues. Nicknamed West Virginia’s “Bard of Education,” master storyteller and entertainer Mick Souter will bring us his presentations of musical heritage. His touring one-man interactive musical theatre productions demonstrate his versatility as an actor, musician, storyteller and 

educator, as well as a versatile multi-instrumentalist who accompanies himself on banjo, guitar, dulcimer, violin, auto harp, mandolin, piano, recorder and harmonica.

As both our conductor and engineer, Mick will lead the audience in singing along with songs such as: "The Wreck of the Old 97", "The Wabash Cannon Ball", and "The City of New Orleans".  Our train will make several facinating stops along the way to view the Civil War, Native Americans, Industrialization, "King Coal", Jimmy Rogers "The Singing Brakeman", and more.​ "All Aboard the Iron Horse" is a  delightful railroad journey down the winding tracks of American folklore. So harken to the timeless call of the conductor: "All aboard...the Iron Horse!"

This was the 2016 schedule. Our next festival schedule will be updated as we get closer to the 2017 date.

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 11:00am

​Lydia is a young singer/acoustic guitarist from the Parkersburg, WV area who plays covers of classic rock and folk songs and is working on writing her own music. Lydia has played many venues, including the Mid Ohio Valley Americana Tribute Series' "Folk & Funk Riverfest", and the MOVMCF. She participated in Pittsburgh, PA's 2015 Diner en Blanc. She also occasionally plays at Jeremiah's Coffee House on Front Street in Marietta on Friday nights, as well as coffee house fund raisers hosted by the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Marietta, where she also occasionally performs in a service. Lydia also provides music for weddings and parties in the area.

past decade.  Their unique and rhythmic arrangements of jazz and popular songs cast the steelpan in fresh new light, pushing the stylistic and artistic boundaries of an often type-cast instrument.  Steel Pannist/Trumpeter Chris Aschman, Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Shawn Hennessey, Bassist Ian Rafalak, and Drummer Joe Truglio each bring their own unique "voice" to help add to the ensemble's unique chemistry.  As freelance musicians in their own right, they have performed with industry names such as Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan, Bill Withers, Stanley Clarke, Teena Marie, Joe Piscopo, Jeffry Iqbar, Andy Narell, The O'Jays, Wayne Brady, Justin Guarani, and Melody Gardot, and at venues ranging from Philadelphia's Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center, the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York, and the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain Trinidad.  

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 4:30pm

Mo’ Mojo is a hard driving, high energy, female-fronted, “Pardi-Gras” band with accordion, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, rubboard, sax, trumpet, harp, bass, percussion, and drums. Mo' Mojo takes Zydeco music and infuses it with Roots, Blues, Americana, Cajun, Reggae, Rock & Roll, Funk, R&B, and African and Latin rhythms. The band has worked with the 

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 6:00pm

The Sacred Spinners of the Mid-Ohio Valley are a newly formed tribe of flow artists. Flow artists include hula hoopers, fire breathers and fire poi artists – and this tribe has all of that. Some members of the group even represent multiple facets of flow artistry. Born out of one member reaching out to others she knew who might be interested, the group started to take form. Although recently formed, they have over 15 members. 

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 2:15pm
This drum performance is led by Lawrence Greene. He is the founder of Ugata, a cultural education and social services organization based in Southeast Ohio.  He has been performing and teaching West African drum traditions for 10 years. He uses movement and sound to develop spiritual clarity and inspiration for his students and self. Ugata is a cultural education and social services organization based in the intentions of their ancestors. All of their programs are based in the concept of bio-regional identity, which means you are where you live.

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 8:30pm

Qiet is the culmination of this wild and wondrous world, infused with every culture on the planet and refined in the mountains of West Virginia.  Our songs radiate an undeniable energy, passionate lyrics and humor dark as coal. A balance of high-energy chaos and perfect order, Qiet’s visceral performances will keep you dancing long after the concert’s over. Combining the 

Each year they are a part of the line up at the Hank Williams Festival in Georgiana Alabama. They have opened for such artists as Mark Wills, Aaron Tippin, Gene Watson, Mark Chestnut, Ronnie McDowell, Sammy Kershaw, just to name a few. They have performed at the world famous “Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge” in Nashville Tennessee. They have also performed on “Prime Time Country” with talented host Gary Chapman.
Jerry and Lisa have played all over the United States, but what they are most proud of is their charity work throughout Ohio and West Virginia. They work closely with the American Cancer Society, Lions Clubs, Relay for Life events, National Diabetes Foundation and various local fund raisers including events for the wounded servicemen and women form the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Time: Sunday, June 19th, 1:15pm
Laura Serna-Maytorena, a life long artist, musician, singer, and song writer originally from Athens, Ohio, now lives and works in Marietta, Ohio.  “As an artist my strongest influences are from Mexico and Spain. I grew up traveling in those places--seeing the art, architecture, ruins, murals, the music--that culture is part of who I am and I connect with my Latino side and my “Indianess” through my art and music. My art helps me explore 

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 12:45pm

The musical duo of Russ Patton aka Jabberwocky and Pixie del Sole known as This & That, jokingly dubbed their style "Neo Mythic Folk" and it stuck. Both of them had been playing music for years before a chance meeting in 2014. Pixie was a vocalist with a need for a musician and Russ was an accomplished musician that just might like someone to sing with. "This and That" was born out of an 8 hour coffee and music date that Halloween. With influences as wide Fleetwood Mac, Iron and Wine, to the Muppets and James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, their tastes range all over the place. " We might not be the absolute best at what we do, but we would like to think our Love shines through everything we play." 

All members are from the Mid-Ohio Valley. Many in the group see it as a form of artistic expression. “Incorporating dance, movement and music through hula hooping filled that empty hole in my heart,” group leader Natasha Kirby says, “Once you find your groove, it takes over you. Your soul and personality are able to shine through your performances.” The tribe is all about acceptance, confidence and support. The Sacred Spinners all agree that flow artistry is a feeling like none other. It is like a team, but they don’t have to be competitive against other teams. They just have to be supportive of one another.

Time: Friday, June 17th, 8:15pm

Trinidelphia has been pleasing audiences with their distinct combination of American and Caribbean styles since 2005, after meeting in Philadelphia while studying Jazz at Universities.  Fusing Trinidadian Soca and Calypso with Latin Jazz, Reggae, Salsa, and American top-40, they have developed a sound all their own over the 

Time: Friday, June 17th, 6:30pm

De Tierra Caliente: A Latin party band whose music fills the air with bright colors and gets everybody up and dancing. Catchy melodies and unaffected lyrics fuse with Latin, Caribbean and Brazilian rhythms to inspire an irresistible North/South American party.

folks.  Whether it's the great variety of local shows or their regional touring, they always bring high energy onto every stage on which they perform. Winner of the 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards as best Folk/Americana band.

Since its formation in 2014, this flavorful quartet from Philadelphia and Puerto Rico has release 2 full-length albums and played over 140 shows in cities throughout the US, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

De Tierra Caliente delivers the sabor, spice and alegria of warm-weather countries to American audiences, where formidable winters and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic sometimes overshadow simple pleasures like sharing a meal with friends or going out dancing. At a show you can’t help but heat up as intoxicating sons in Spanish, English and Portuguese sing out the bright colors and familial warmth of a South American kitchen. 

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 6:30pm

Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle is a Cincinnati based, 4 piece Americana/Folk band that blends the tradition of heroes like Woody Guthrie and Mississippi John Hurt w/ contemporary flavor. In its short existence, the band has grown its fan base by getting out in front of 

Lydia Hyde

Time: Sunday, June 19th, 3:30pm

This four piece band based right here in Parkersburg, WV is locally grown with no preservatives added! They describe their genre as world music. Members are Josh Dick (Guitar), Clay Paschal (Bass), Nate Yoke (Drums) and Kyle Slemmer (Sax). Their sounds is groovy, lively and perfect for getting on your feet and movin'!

my own cultural, complexities and complications.” Having grown up in a family of artists and being a fourth generation artist, her life has been full of opportunities for creativity. She began her musical career at a young age as well, six, when she learned to play the guitar and sing while living in Spain. Since then, she has been performing.  Her musical style might be described as Blues inspired, Latino driven, contemporary folk and Native American fusion. “I make things, music, art, it’s divine compulsion.” 
Laura began playing music with Bruce and Sherri Killen about 10 years ago after moving to the region, "I heard them playing their african drums at an open mic, I headed up onstage, and we have been playing together ever since, they are amazing." Bruce and Sherri are members of a family of drummers and their rhythm can be heard throughout the Ohio river valley anywhere there is local music--there they are.

This & That

Mick Souter

instructional DVD, being a featured instructor at some of the USA’s most renowned conventions, winning the East Coast Classic Professional Cabaret competition as well as the Masriyatt Queen competition, and placing in the top six on the popular reality show, Project Bellydance: The Search for America’s Top Bellydancer.

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 1:30pm

Tiffani Ahdia is a professional dance artist, instructor, and choreographer based in the USA and is highly sought after for her knowledge and skills in the styles of Bollywood, Bellydance, and Brazilian Samba. Tiffani has over twenty years of extensive training in various styles of dance and began her Bollywood and classical styles of Indian dance studies in 2010 with the industry’s most desirable teachers. Tiffani travels internationally performing at weddings, events, gala shows, and more! Her long list of accomplishments includes starring in her own full length 

members have many diverse backgrounds but are brought together by their love of Scottish culture and music. The Pipes and Drums of St. Andrew were formed in 1997 by Pipe Major “Seamus” McFadden, and were under the long time direction of Pipe Major Joe Quick. In honor of Pipe Major Quick the band wears the Ferguson clan tartan. The band performs at numerous parades and festivals each year in West Virginia, Ohio and Maryland. Their honors include awards from parade performances as well as being the host band for the Scottish Festival and Celtic Gathering in Bridgeport, WV since its’ inception. Individual members of the band perform solos at weddings, funerals, church services and other special occasions as well as school educational programs. The band is currently recruiting pipers/pipe students, drummers and color party members. 

Time: Sunday, June 19th, 12:30pm
The Pipes and Drums of St. Andrew, is a civilian bagpipe band based in Parkersburg, WV. The band is currently under the direction of Drum Major Curt Mitchell and Pipe Major Carl Henson. The band members come from Eastern and North Central WV and Southern Ohio, and range in age from 16-80. The 

Pipes and Drums of St. Andrew

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 8:00pm

The Burning Dawn is a fire performance troupe based in the Mid Ohio Valley that specializes in several disciplines of the fire arts. For the last decade, they have been wowing crowds with their blend of fire manipulation, performance art, dance, and sheer awesomeness. The neo-tribal drumming sets a great backdrop to the fire dancing, and will surely leave you with a feeling of awe.

​The wonder of bubbles take us all back to a day before distractions of modern technology. A time when one could relax and just watch the bubbles floating by.

Time: Sunday, June 19th, 2:15pm
​Professor Bubblemaker, played by John Gradwohl, Jr., will bring back the memory of days gone by taking audiences into his fun and educational world of soap bubbles. John's bubbling career started by accident. He wanted to perform bubbles as part of a stand up comedy routine. As he learned more about bubbling he began to practice and before long the stand up comedy went by the wayside and a new bubble show was born. All of his shows are motivating, silly and above all else, FUN! He hopes that audiences will walk away not only feeling entertained, but also motivated to go out and do whatever it is that is inside of them no matter how "silly" they think it is. 

Guardia de Lobos

putting greater emphasis on kicking techniques. The translation for Tae Kwon Do is “the way of the hands and feet”. The demo team consists of all ages and ranges in skill levels from beginners to instructors with over 30 years of experience. The team entertains with traditional forms, self-defense routines and free sparring. Most exciting is the breaking demonstrations. The demo is narrated to include the audience through education. This display of discipline and dedication shows that even with personal limitations, anyone can attain their own personal best.

Time: Saturday, June 18th, 3:30pm

This team trains at the ELITE Sports Center in Parkersburg and is a branch of Grand Master Sok Ho Kang's Tae Kwon Do Academy in Charleston, WV. Tae Kwon Do is a form of self-defense which includes blocks and punches, while 

2016 Main Stage Performing Artists

The line up is subject to change. Find more information about the entertainers by clicking their names and visiting their websites.  

This is a rain or shine festival. Severe weather conditions can force  some activities inside the Pavilion. Activities that cannot be relocated may need to be cancelled. We ask for your patience and understanding should the event need to move indoors and we will share the information on the Mid-Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival Facebook page