​​Come to the City Park and take a trip around the world!

Mid-Ohio Valley

Multi-Cultural Festival

Ryan Deem is a Parkersburg native who graduated from PSHS and attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a focus on photography.  In addition to Ryan's love of photography he is passionate about many types of art that include graffiti, multimedia, and creating jewelry.  In addition to showing some of his work, Ryan will be creating  Hemp jewelry.  Hemp Jewelry uses hemp twine material which is made from the cannabis sativa plant. Some types of hemp jewelry include bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, watches, masks, purses, and other adornments. The jewelry can also make use of other materials, such as glass, wood, bones, rocks, or gems.

Ryan Deem

Emily Walsh

Rebekah Williamson

James Pfaff

2016 Artists

Emily is a local artist who is passionate about color and textural paint application in her work. Her work often explores the organic qualities of being human, and what it means to exist in the natural world.

Rebekah is a self-taught, eclectic artist and mother from Williamstown, West Virginia, who has worked with individually commissioned pieces as well as promotionally with various musical groups since 2005. Her colorful work spans many genres and includes portraits, pyrography, and original mixed media, focusing on graphite, ink, and watercolor. Also a science fiction fanatic, this artist enjoys sculpting prosthetics and models based on cult classic movies, comics, and television shows in her spare time.

James is a Parkersburg native who graduated from Parkersburg South High School in 2009. He then attended WVU where he got a BFA in sculpture, a minor in art history, and a teaching certification in K-12. He enjoys all types of mediums in art, but prefers casting bronze and iron the most. Most of his art is self-biographical, meaning it portrays himself in some way (usually metaphorically a memory or tragedy he has faced within his life time).

The Live Arts portion of the MOVMCF is a modern-edge addition to the festival. These visual arts display booths will showcase established artists’ work from the Mid-Ohio Valley. Live Arts aspires to bring together our community of artists and eager art appreciators to engage in the cultural currents of our time. We will have the chance to collaborate and create together at the Community Chalkboard (set up next to Live Arts). The featured artists bring a wide variety of art forms and styles, and we encourage you to come enjoy the vibrant and exciting performances and creations.​​ SUNDAY 12-6 ONLY

This was the 2016 schedule. Our next festival schedule will be updated as we get closer to the 2017 date.

Sunday 12-6pm

Thousands of people have laughed with his humor and been amazed by his magic for over two decades. Steve entertains with magic that is quite literally in his hands and more often than not, in your hands as well. His magic happens literally inches away from your eyes, everyone watching will have the opportunity to share in this unique and intimate experience. Steve performs with warmth and humour, captivating his audiences and leaving them totally spellbound with his mysteries. Steve Performs the Mid Ohio Valley, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois and Tennessee. Steve was also asked to perform in England, France Canada and Australia.