GhostBusters WV Divsion


The Ghostbusters - WV Division is a group of men and women who work hard to bring smiles and help to the people of West Virginia! Through their appearances at various conventions and birthday parties, they raise funds to help charities like the American Heart Association and work year-round for their annual toy drive for the Children's Home Society of West Virginia. To date, the team has brought in over $40,000 in toys and goods for their toy drive and tens of thousands of dollars for other charities and benefits across the state. We were looking for a wonderful crew who loves to bring smiles to faces and help their fellow West Virginians. We knew who to call!

Native American Theme Night:

A Tribute to IndigEnous  People

FRIDAY 6:00 PM TO 10:00 PM

This year We are Tapping in to The Mid-Ohio Valley's Rich Native American Heritage. Join us in admiring this rich and storied culture with a history full of both struggles and triumphs. Watch Kevin Locke and the Traditions of Native American's drumming and dancing. 

Extraordinary Movement Zone


Friday & Saturday

All of us NEED to exercise, but not all of us WANT to. Some of us would rather go have fun with the girls. So why not start with the fun… and sneak in the fitness!

Adults can try out Hula Hooping, Poi Spinning, Bellydance and more. Hula hoops will be available in the space at all times and the other activities will be available with an instructor at scheduled times. These activities raise heart rates, tone muscles, improve balance, and best of all, they are fun and give people a sense of community and a place to belong.

North american bushcraft school

Saturday & Sunday

The North American Bushcraft School is a non-profit organization dedicated to passing on primitive and sustainable living skills. 

The children's center features free Children's hands-on art and craft activities from different countries, International games, and up close artist's performances.  The Festival introduces over 300 children yearly to art projects such as:

  • Guatemalan Worry Dolls & Edelweiss Hats 

  • Multi-Racial Paper Dolls & Flower Pot Rattles 

  • Rhythm Bracelets & Chinese Paper Fans


Parkersburg Arts Center

Friday & Saturday

The Parkersburg Art Center provides art shows, education, unique gifts and fun for all people of the Mid-Ohio Valley. Visit them on Friday to make a dreamcatcher and Saturday to create your very own rainmaker. 

Douglas Wilson: THREE BUFFALO Native American Artist 

Jason Drevenak has more than 20 years experience in outdoor education and teaching primitive living skills. He believes that the practice of primitive skills fosters self-reliance, personal growth, sustainable lifestyles, and a unique sense of community as well as a deep awareness of the delicate planet we call home. His exhibits and demonstrations will be held on Saturday and Sunday June 17th & 18th. You might also like to pick up some of his wares such as various soaps, hide bags, handmade spoons and baskets. 

Friction Fire 12pm - 1pm Sat., 12:3opm - 1:30pm Sun.
Stone Tools (making an arrowhead) 2pm - 3pm Sat. and Sun. 
Rope from Plants 3:30pm - 4:30pm Sat. & Sun. 

Professor Bubblemaker

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Professor Bubblemaker, played by John Gradwohl, Jr., brings back memories of days gone by taking audiences into his fun and educational world of soap bubbles. All of his shows are motivating, silly and above all else, FUN! He hopes that audiences will walk away not only feeling entertained, but also motivated to go out and do whatever it is that is inside of them no matter how "silly" they think it is.


Born on the reservation of his mother and father in the mountains of Orr Springs, CA. His heritage is Walla Walla, Umatilla and Nez Pierce. He was taught traditional Indian dance by his grandfather. At the age of 8, he and his brother Sherman were sent to Chemowa Indian School, outside of Salem, OR. He went through many hardships, but it was during this time that he found his talent for drawing. Since 1985 he has traveled coast to coast featuring at various art shows. He lived in Albuquerque, NM for 30 years. He now happily resides in Marietta, OH. He will feature his work at the festival on Friday night. 

Flute Workshop With Kevin Locke

Saturday 3pm

Kevin Locke’s vision in creating this curriculum with Richard Dubé is to re-introduce the traditional Indigenous flute to the Lakota culture, and to introduce the Indigenous flute to other cultures in a way that allows as many children as possible to hear and learn the songs and sing the Lakota language, whether or not they actually become proficient players.

Flute Workshops teach students, not only how to play Native American stories in song, but engage in building their own flutes as well as practice breathing exercises and learning how to play in unison with fellow students.


​​Come to the City Park and take a trip around the world!

Mid-Ohio Valley

Multi-Cultural Festival

2017 Festival Activities

Hidden Marietta  


Hidden Marietta will be at the festival on Friday to provide activities that relate to the Adena and Hopewell cultures here in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Hidden Marietta offers walking tours in Marietta, Ohio, ghost hunts, and special events focusing on the weird, the shocking and the haunted side of history. 

The children's activity center is located inside the City Park Pavilion. Children under age 6 must be accompanied by a parent.

This is a rain or shine festival. Severe weather conditions can force  some activities inside the Pavilion. Activities that cannot be relocated may need to be cancelled. We ask for your patience and understanding should the event need to move indoors and we will share the information on the Mid-Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival Facebook page

Friday June 16th

6:30 pm Rock and Roll Bubble Show

9:15 pm Bubbles After Dark

Saturday June 17th
11:30 am Bubble Play Yard
12:00 pm Strolling Bubbles
9:00 pm Bubbles After Dark

Sunday June 18th
12:15 pm Bubble Ballet

Come be a part of the art. There will be craft activities, movement arts, workshops, and interactive shows.

See descriptions of Arts in Motion exhibits and events below.

Plant Medicine Workshops

Saturday June 17th
2:00 pm 10 Medicinal Herbs In Your Kitchen
4:00 pm What is Kombucha? How To Brew Your Own!

Caitlyn Rack is an artist and folk herbalist based out of Athens, Ohio. She is passionate about wholesome food and accessible information and dedicates much of her time assisting the community with food and herbal based projects and blogging her plant journey. She has directed community healing weekend retreats at United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio and leads the cook team to prepare specialty meals. As well as providing complimentary artist meals for visual artists of Color Dance Music Festival in Pomeroy, Ohio.