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Carol Sedgwick


​Grant Writer

Cassandra Fortney

Volunteer Coordinator

Here's what people have to say about the festival ...

"I think it's great my daughter and I have been going for years, and for the past 7 my grand children have been coming with us."  D. Anderson, New Martinsville, WV, 2013

“It is very interesting to talk to and learn about different cultures and to see that we are not so different."

M. Joy, Parkersburg, WV, 2013

"I love everything about the Festival. I look forward to the entertainment, food & seeing my friends. I think it brings a lot of people to the city, so it is good for businesses. I love the fact that it is free so everyone has the chance to experience this wonderful weekend."
C. Schlarb, 2012

"My kids and I loved making origami! We made butterflies within ten minutes. They were very hard to do but fun. Plus my kids were amaze that they could do it. They also liked the candle making and making rope bracelets." 
Denise, Elizabeth, WV, 2013

Rick Rubin

Grounds Coordinator

Bea Corra


Entertainment Coordinator,
Festival Co-Founder

Marcia Westbrook


Jennifer Randolph

Member, Marketing Coordinator & Website Administrator

Jessica "Chavi"





Bea Corra

*Enhance multi-cultural awareness through artistic expression.
*Celebrate, perpetuate and preserve diverse art and culture.
*Recognize common traditions.


To offer a free annual festival which encourages the appreciation and recognition of community diversity through entertainment, cuisine, education, and artistic expression of all cultures.

The festival was founded in 1996 by Eugene Donaway, Bea Corra and a small group of citizens as a way to multi-cultural awareness in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to secure funding, conduct research and engage culturally diverse performers, concessionaires, and vendors in order to provide a free, three-day, outdoor celebration of various cultures and nationalities. These efforts to enhance multi-cultural awareness and understanding have made a very positive impact on the quality of life in the Mid-Ohio Valley by opening lines of communication among diverse groups and providing a celebration of their diversity. 

WV has a small minority population and, often, artists and entertainers must be solicited from larger metropolitan areas such as Columbus, Pittsburgh, and New York. These artists travel to WV, often staying overnight, bringing friends and family with them. The MOVMCF has increased tourism to the area and introduced WV to many people who may not otherwise have visited. 

Festival History

Eugene M. Donoway

1932 - 2004

Our founders

Natasha Kirby
​Vice President, Live Arts Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator

Charlotte Owens


Children's Activity
Center Coordinator

Mid-Ohio Valley

Multi-Cultural Festival

​​Come to the City Park and take a trip around the world!

Sara Taylor


Pageant Director